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Building a new home and infusing your personality into every part of its design is a difficult endeavor. We are not in the least intimidated as architects with a focus on new build homes, and we appreciate the chance to work on such a rare project. We always form sympathetic and trusted working connections with you while working on such personally invested projects, such as when you build your own home from the ground up. We need to truly grasp what we want to accomplish in order to be able to share our vision.

We take great delight in serving as your new-build house architects and planning consultants for the whole of your home’s design, planning, and construction, from conceiving the initial design and obtaining planning permission to supervising the construction and adding finishing touches. We won’t accept anything less than a totally customized service that is suited to your unique demands and requirements.

We will start by creating a brief together that will take into account all of your present needs as well as future expectations, and translate your aesthetic wishes as authentically as possible, in order to do justice to your goals and aspirations. We will consider your plot and the environment in addition to your aesthetic and functional preferences because they are also significant deciding elements in establishing planning restrictions for your new build house and setting the scope of the design.

Because a structure cannot be isolated from its surroundings, we at Buildrite Architecture and Engineering think that the inside and outside should coexist in harmony. We always create new build homes that maximize their surroundings, new build house designs that blend in with the surrounding environment, honor local heritage, and stand out as outstanding examples of architecture. As a result, we will thoroughly discuss your objectives, worries, and preferences. For instance, we’ll go over what views to frame and how to frame them, what axis the house will be facing, like north or south, how much natural sunlight that will afford, how to achieve maximum curb appeal, and what kinds of materials to use, like the most recent sustainable materials and eco-technologies or more conventional methods.

We are skilled in bringing your unique tastes and preferences to life without sacrificing quality or price. This includes raising ceiling heights, enhancing natural light, installing bespoke furniture like moving walls or floating stairs, and choosing opulent fabrics and finishes. Our new build house designs will also evaluate outside space, such as patio planning and landscape architecture, to promote harmonious living. To allow you to live as opulently as possible, we’ll make sure that your new home maintains a high standard of bespoke design.

With our integrated approach to self-build and one-off new-build house projects, we can strive for identity and unity and create homes with a consistent design theme running throughout, from the way rooms flow into one another to the ambiance that lighting can produce to how inside space transitions to outside space. No detail is too tiny for us; every part of your home, from the largest to the smallest, will be custom-made because it is the little things that give a building its unique personality. We will deliver sensitive, realistic, and creative house designs to improve your living space with careful attention.

At Buildrite Architecture and Engineering, we also give our clients the choice of how much involvement from our team they want. Whether you just need our assistance in obtaining planning approval and building regulations for your new home or would like us to project manage every aspect of construction, we will be happy to comply. Contact us right away if you intend to construct your own home and have a fun concept that you think we can support. We enjoy working on new construction projects that call for lateral thinking, creativity, and innovation. You will undoubtedly have a hard time choosing between design options and solutions for obtaining planning approval.


Large Enough to Deliver Extraordinary Value, Small Enough to Care

Not a mega-corporation, we. Because we are smaller, the core of what we do is close engagement. We work side by side with you to achieve accurate attention to detail by devoting ourselves to a smaller number of clients. We can get outcomes for you that are of the best quality and are highly individualized thanks to this structure.


The Easy Method for Securing Planning Permission

Our unique sequential planning system includes safeguards for many of the drawbacks and shortcomings of conventional planning systems. We specialize in developing inventive planning application tactics for developments with delicate planning requirements and limits thanks to our thoroughly tested technology.

Innovative Residential Design Concepts for Excellence

Our solutions, which are based on extensive research, careful analysis, and imaginative vision, accommodate all contemporary demands. This method enables us to work toward the harmony of all components that give a building life and motion; we want to create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Interactive Collaboration Using Technology to Achieve 100% Accuracy

We combine artistic talent with clever technology using the most recent BIM technologies. As a result, your project will have an intuitive design process, making it almost a prototype before it is developed. Throughout the process, you’ll be able to visualize the design and quality of your space, mark the drawings, and offer input.

Achieving Quality, Cost, and Time Balance with Agile Project Management

There will always be difficult trade-offs between quality, cost, and timeline in a building project. We take care to fully comprehend your priorities from the outset, offer guidance on how to achieve them, and keep them in mind as we continue to balance quality, time, and money on your behalf.

Fully Transparent Fee Structure for Confident Planning

Many architecture firms may present you with alluring initial rates only to later add on more costs and additional fees. Not us. We are upfront about the costs we will and won’t pass through to you. A project-specific flat rate is what you can expect when you work with Buildrite Architecture and Engineering.

Our designers at Buildrite always ensure the best innovative ideas for clients. Therefore, our team is open to any queries from our clients regarding design.

Project Specialties

From concept to completion, we can handle a wide range of projects including residential, hospitality, and retail.



Buildrite is a true one-stop solution provider for all your architectural and construction related needs. We invite you to experience our services first hand.

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