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What is a House Extension?

A home extension could be a great way to increase the number of living spaces in your home without moving. Extensions might include additional living spaces, kitchens, baths, or bedrooms. They can also be utilized to create offices or spaces for storage. Planning and seeking professional guidance is important if you consider adding to your house. This article clarifies the factors you should consider before beginning construction and answers questions about house extension architects.


House Extension Architect

We are experts in home extensions and can design elegant additions that are also practical. Let us know what you want, and we’ll take care of the rest, whether you want a terrace home extension design or a semi-detached house extension. For various home designs, we can also construct various single-story home expansions.


House Extension Architect Company

We will produce accurate architectural designs for house extensions based on the front or rear house extensions you would like us to do. We always choose the top house extension architects in London since we are fully aware of the difficulties of handling the architectural and design work and how to get over them. This implies that we can manage the architectural work for your home kitchen addition with perfect efficiency.​


House Extensions Architect Service

When considering hiring a house extension design company, consumers sometimes wonder how much it will cost to hire an architect for the addition. If you’re looking for a pleasant house extension architect company, we can give you an economical house expansion that is always of a good caliber because we put a lot of emphasis on our customers. Our house extension architects’ rates in the UK are really reasonable, so clients always stand to gain from our depth of knowledge.




How to extend your house?

You will need to set up the necessary documentation first. It comprises everything, from building regulation approval to the planning authority. You must then decide on a contract with the constructor you have selected. As a result, you can be sure that your extension project will go smoothly and within your budget. The last step is designing your extension. It covers everything, from selecting the appropriate materials to guaranteeing that your addition complies with all the building requirements.

Is it a good idea to extend an existing home?

It is a fantastic idea if a home extension is done on a budget and without sacrificing the home’s quality. If a home extension can add additional valuable space and raise the property’s value, it is also a good idea. If the fees are not properly controlled, the project could go beyond budget and be low quality. To identify hazards and make modifications before construction starts, it is crucial to have regular cost checks on the design as it develops. It will ensure the project is on schedule and within budget.

What are the types of house extensions?

The ideal solution for you will rely on your needs and budget for various house extensions. One-story, two-story, loft conversions, and basement conversions are popular options for extending a home.

Do you require an architect for an extension?

For an extension, it would be better if you hired an architect. Your expansion can be designed and planned with the assistance of a London architect, who will ensure it is both structurally sound and beautiful. They can also help you get the required permits to start building. Without an architect, you can try to construct an extension and end up with a substandard structure that might collapse. So engage an architect right away to avoid headaches later.

What is the cost of a house extension?

The size and complexity of the project, among other things, affect the price of adding rooms to a house. A square meter can be purchased for between $1,400 and $1,800. The location, finish quality, and materials employed will all impact the final cost. It is best to keep the space simple without additional features or storage alternatives to reduce costs.

How long will it take to extend a house?

An extension project will typically take two to three months to complete, but depending on its complexity, this period might quickly rise to six to eight months. The length of time will depend on the size and the room used.

Does a loft conversion add value?

A loft conversion might be a great way to raise your home’s value. The possible cost and effect on your energy efficiency rating must be carefully considered. It is always worthwhile to talk to a loft conversion architect if you are considering one to get ideas.

What to do if a house extension project is rejected?

You might be able to appeal the judgment if your application to extend a house is denied. The inspection will assess the influence of the proposal, as well as national and local policies. If the appeal is successful, you may keep using your extension. You must submit a new planning application that complies with the standards of the planning authority if the appeal is rejected.

So bear these factors in mind if you’re considering expanding your house. Not only will it simplify and lessen the stress of the process, but it will also guarantee that your home addition is well thought out and useful.

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