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Although designing and building are frequently done separately, combining the two produces the finest outcomes. When choices are being made that affect the project’s scope and cost, Buildrite Architecture and Engineering might involve a designer early on in the process.

Different viewpoints from designers and builders are brought to the discussion. The builder will be able to talk about the practicality of various possibilities while the designer will be able to describe the overall look and feel. Early involvement by a designer facilitates key trade-off judgments and leads to a more successful result.

Your existing home’s size can be increased with Buildrite Architecture and Engineering for a shockingly modest cost.

Renovations are intricate undertakings that require careful pre-planning and on-the-job monitoring. If your remodeling is properly handled, it can be pleasurable rather than the misery that many poorly managed projects become.


Whether you want to construct a new loft or convert an existing one, Buildrite Architecture and Engineering Renovations have the experience and expertise to handle the project. To ensure that your loft project runs as smoothly as possible, our renovation specialists are available to assist you.


Create a chic and motivational home office in your loft! With our assistance, the sky is the only limit to the possibilities. Our remodeling experts will go through several options with you; we’ll make sure to address everything on your list, including lighting, colors, storage, floor plans, and more.

Regardless of the original roof structure, all loft conversions will need to be reviewed by a structural engineer. The process involves significant changes that affect your home’s structural stability. A structural engineer must therefore be consulted in order to fully comprehend the existing structure and determine how to implement the necessary improvements. It’s the only way to guarantee a loft conversion is carried out ethically and safely.


Do I need structural calculations for a loft conversion?

For a long time, lofts in our homes were underutilized areas. mostly for storing items that we didn’t actually need on a daily basis. They might grow worn out, dusty, and neglected. After that, there was a renaissance as families began to build up rather than out on their lands. It was possible to add stairs, reinforce floors, add windows, or even extend a dormer for more space with a little work and a professional builder. Home now got a completely new living space. Within a few weeks of effort, three bedrooms became four. But not every home is a good candidate for a loft conversion. Therefore, you might need to pay for a structural engineer’s services if you plan to extend into the roof.

Can you convert your loft?

Before even seeking quotations or a structural design engineer, you should take into consideration the fact that not all lofts are created equal. Which of these is most important is whether you have enough space for a conversion? By examining other properties on your street, you can begin to determine this. If there are no conversions, then it’s likely that others have examined and determined it to be too low. If you’re unsure, climb up into the loft and gauge the height of the roof in the middle. If the area appears to be suitable, think about access and how you’ll get a staircase there next. It could be wise to consult a structural engineer at this time.

How is the Conversion?

Once you’ve proven your ability to convert, you need to decide which kind of conversion is ideal for you. Depending on the kind of property you own, some of this may vary. You might be considering a straightforward roof-light conversion that involves installing specialty windows on the roof that can increase natural light and ventilation. If you have additional funds, you might prefer a dormer with at least one protruding extension or perhaps a hip-to-gable conversion, which entails extending the hip roof at the side of your property outward to create a vertical “gable” wall for additional room.

Due to the need for a free-sloping side roof, this style of construction typically only suits detached or semi-detached homes. If you want to go all out, you might want to think about installing a Mansard conversion that spans the entire length of your home’s roof. The roof slope will change as a result, becoming nearly vertical. These are pricey, but well worth it, and they work with practically any type of property.

Do I require a structural engineer when converting a loft?

Yes is the clear answer! Consult both an architect and a structural engineer because loft conversions are tricky to do.

Engage professionals

Of course, you shouldn’t move through with a conversion until speaking with a home structural engineer. However, if the idea is correct and you move forward, you will need a structural engineer to size any necessary structural beams. Although converting your loft can be pricey, it will ultimately be worthwhile and significantly increase the value of your home. To learn more, speak with your structural engineering consultants.

Ideas for Loft Conversions

Recent events have brought to light the value of interior space in homes if nothing else. Having more space is a huge asset for both families and couples looking to improve their quality of life. Homeowners who wish to unlock the potential pent-up in their lofts have dramatically increased their demand. You have a wide range of possibilities for how to use the loft space in your home, and converting it into a usable room will increase the value of your house.

Due to the numerous options, loft conversions are very popular. You can choose from a bedroom with an en suite, a studio or hobby room to escape to, a self-contained studio for an elderly relative, or games or play area for the kids (or young at heart). A loft conversion’s ability to bring in light is one of its many advantages, made possible by the Velux or dormer windows and the loft’s greater height. Because good lighting is so vital in hobby rooms and studios, loft conversions are a fantastic option.

Our designers at Buildrite always ensure the best innovative ideas for clients. Therefore, our team is open to any queries from our clients regarding design.

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