The architecture of the UK consists of a combination of architectural styles. We see a lot of historic buildings influenced from different styles of architecture dating as far back to Romanian architecture, to the present-day 21st-century contemporary architecture. As far as best practices are concerned, nowadays we see a growing trend in renovation and conservation projects of old buildings mainly houses. People want to accommodate their growing needs and modern lifestyles in their existing houses and we see that designers and architects have produced a variety of works to incorporate their needs in existing houses. Therefore house refurbishment projects are among the best practices of architecture in the UK.

Below are some of the latest trends


Creation of large open spaces that combine cooking with dining, and often link with outdoor space through a garden or sunroom is what most people demand in their kitchen. The kitchen is now a dynamic, multi-functional space perfect for bringing friends and family together. Because the kitchen is the place where family members get to sit, eat and laugh together.


Options and choice are keywords when it comes to people’s requirement for areas within their home that can be used for multiple purposes. If you’re looking for a ‘forever home it stands to reason that your needs will change over the years. What today will be the perfect space for a study, may become a nursery tomorrow. That great family room may need to be adapted to become a living space for a retired parent or the perfect teenage zone. Flexible rooms enable maximum use of the space available and offer versatility; allowing your house to evolve as your family grows and changes over time.


With all the technology that is constantly bombarding us every day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to just switch off and relax. It’s for this very reason that more and more people are creating a space within their own home to have as a retreat from the world; a place where they can just be. There is also the master bedroom suite complete with a dressing area and luxury bathroom that is sure to be a firm favorite with the lady of the house!

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